The Biggest Updates in Social Media of 2023

The Biggest Updates in Social Media of 2023 (So Far…)

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October 13, 2023

Let’s just say, your favorite social media platforms have been keeping us all on our toes this year. With countless updates, remodeled branding and innovative tools, social media in 2023 has been nothing short of a whirlwind. Amidst the familiar platforms stepping up their game, there have also been new apps emerging, reminding us that there’s no slowing down in the world of digital. Not to mention there’s still a whole quarter left to go!

So, while we catch our breaths from endless scrolling and double taps, let’s break down the hottest and most recent updates in social media thus far. 

YouTube Dives Into Mobile Gaming with “Playables”

YouTube is currently testing out a new gaming element of their app called “Playables”. Playables will allow gamers to play in-stream games on their mobile app and desktops. It’s no secret that BBTV’s mobile gamers have made a significant presence on social media, specifically on YouTube. 

From Casual and Professional Gaming to eSports content, Gaming is the largest and most engaging vertical at BBTV. Gaming is a huge part of the YouTube experience, with many users using the platform to share live-streaming videos, with 4 billion hours of gaming content watch time in 2022. 

YouTube is testing Playables only with a few users to start, “If you’re part of this experiment, you’ll see a section on YouTube called “Playables” that will appear alongside other content on the home feed.”

Bringing mobile gaming to the platform allows for another layer of entertainment on YouTube on top of their already successful long and short-form video content, live streams, movies, music, podcasts, TV series and more. However, they are not the only ones getting their feet wet in gaming – Netflix, TikTok and Google are all dabbling in mobile gaming.  

Goodbye Twitter, Hello X

One of the most iconic social media platforms has gotten a makeover. Twitter is now called X and we have said goodbye to the classic Twitter blue and the Tweeting bird. While we’ll undoubtedly miss the charm of the familiar Twitter logo, rebranding can bring forward a new arena of innovation and excitement. 

X has made countless updates and changes to the app, including expanding the character count and limiting the number of tweets you can make a day. The platform has also implemented its Ad Revenue Sharing program, allowing creators to earn revenue from verified users’ organic impressions of ads displayed in replies to their content. On top of this, X has adjusted their model for advertisers, including new formats, updated brand safety, and much more.

Everyone Give Welcome to the Threads App

Introducing Threads–where conversations weave their way into everyday scrolling on social media. The new app is meant to empower you to have meaningful, yet positive and impactful conversations where your inner circle can be kept in the loop. 

“Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.”

Threads is not afraid to change elements of the app after receiving feedback from its users. Since its initial launch in July of 2023, Threads has introduced keyword searches, a desktop version of the platform, the ability to mention other users’ handles, and has edited the feed to allow for chronological order if desired by the user. 

Advertisers and creators can leverage the Threads app to their advantage in several ways, capitalizing on its unique features and growing user base to enhance their social media strategies. This can be done through:

  1. Engagement in Meaningful Conversations
  2. Targeted Marketing
  3. Community Building
  4. Ad Campaigns
  5. Real-Time Insights
  6. Cross-Promotion

TikTok Launches TikTok Billboard Top 50 

TikTok has partnered with Billboard to launch a TikTok Billboard Top 50 chart, a weekly list of the top 50 songs performing well on the platform in the U.S. Every Thursday, users will get to see the top 50 list, allowing them to choose songs for their videos that are thriving in popularity across the platform. 

TikTok has transformed itself from simply a digital platform to one of the world’s most powerful sources for music discovery and promotion. The platform offers a unique opportunity for up-and-coming creators and artists to go viral, which is part of TikTok’s appeal to the masses. Music has become an integral part of the platform and has allowed new and small artists to succeed in their music careers. 

If you’re a musician and are interested in activating with us, take a look at our music division, Opposition. Opposition is a music company for artists striving to succeed on their own terms, that prioritizes the artist first. 

The dynamic landscape of social media in 2023 has been nothing short of exhilarating. Our favorite platforms have relentlessly innovated, introducing a wave of updates, refreshed branding, and cutting-edge tools. Amidst this ever-evolving digital realm, emerging apps remind us that there’s no slowing down. 

YouTube has ventured into mobile gaming with “Playables,” ushering in a new dimension of entertainment alongside its already diverse content offerings. Twitter’s transformation into “X” may have bid farewell to its iconic blue bird, but it has opened doors to innovation. Threads has woven conversations seamlessly into our social media experience and TikTok’s partnership with Billboard has given birth to the TikTok Billboard Top 50. 

As we navigate this ever-evolving social media landscape, one thing remains constant: the limitless potential for innovation and connection. 

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